The information portal for the alumni of Chesterfield School.


Treasurer - Ian Christison

Liaison - Brian Heathcote

Secretary / Administration - Derrick Priestley

The main contact for the Society including information about the Society, the members' circulation list, Society ties and the Annual Reunion.

The Secretary, Old Cestrefeldian Society, c/o Beehive Cottage, Alton Hill, Alton, Chesterfield, S42 6AW

By hand only: The Secretary, Old Cestrefeldian Society, c/o 265 Walton Back Lane, Walton, Chesterfield, S42 7AA

The Society is hugely indebted to the sterling work undertaken by the outgoing Committee, Michael Hadfield, David Finney and the late John Moss since the Reunions were reinstated in 1986.


Chairman - Frank Gorman, 01246 235 651

Secretary / Treasurer - Tom Roberts, 01246 270 459 (12 Tennyson Avenue, Chesterfield, S40 4SW)

Assistant Treasurer - Tony Hine, 01400 250 984

Legal Eagle - Robert Woodhead, 01246 555 111

Letters, forms and cheques should be sent to Tom Roberts.

Enquries by telephone relating to the Trust and memorabilia to any of the above.


Webmaster - John Drabble

Contact if you are experiencing any problems with use of the website, have suggestions on how it could be improved, have material that could be made available to alumni via the website, would like to be involved in the management of the website .......